Stories by Students

Carnaval 2016
Written by Rocco and Abigayle

Boot Hockey

Boot hockey was very fun this year . What happened was each grade would get split up. (ex Grade 4s would be 4A, 4B, 4C and 4D).  The 4C and 6A made it to the finals. The grade fours blocked a bunch of goals but in the last 30 seconds the grade 6s won. The

grade 6s won a trophy of a hockey stick and puck.

Bonhomme Yelling Contest

The bonhomme yelling contest was really awesome. It started of with all the people from each grade competing within their class and the person from each grade that had the longest time of saying “bonhommmmmmmmmmeeeeeee” went on to the school level competition.  Katrina was the overall winner and the longest with 23 seconds even beating Madame’s time!

Ice Sculpture Contest

The ice sculpture contest was very interesting. The 4s made Olaf from Frozen and Turtles. The 3s sculptures were Polar Bears but they didn’t quite look like polar bears. The 6s sculpture was Barney the Rainbow dinosaur. The 5s sculpture was the best overall. They made Dory from Finding Nemo and more Turtles. The 5s won the Ice Sculpture Trophy. The trophy looked like a giant ice throne with Bonhomme on it. 

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