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SAFETY for students comes FIRST!!
Published on Sep 3, 2018 09:36

Parents and Guardians,
To ensure the safety of your children, our students we request that all signs posted on Lougheed Road with regards to parking and stopping are adhered.  The NORTHERN driveway into the school is ENTRANCE ONLY (not posted), and the SOUTHERN drive is EXIT ONLY (as posted clearly).  This means that our driveway is 'one way only'.  The parking lot will be painted soon and be clearly labelled.  For now we use pylons at the NORTHERN entrance to create a safe place for students to cross our parking lot and arrive to the sidewalk of the school.  A teacher is posted each morning/evening restricting access to buses and school vans.  There is a posted sign regarding times that the parking lot has restricted access.  If by chance you arrive early and are blocked in, please park in a designated spot and we request your patience in allowing all school vehicles and students to clear before you move your vehicle to exit.  Please know this request comes from a desire to keep all students SAFE.  Those that park on the street and wish to walk their child to the school sidewalk are asked to use the 'designated' crossing at the NORTHERN entrance, and NOT TO CROSS THE PARKING LOT BETWEEN ALL THE PARKED VEHICLES.  Your help, consideration and cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Please check the following with regards to the end of the day dismissal:
Mrs. Morash/Mr. Caputo, Mrs. Hussey, Mr. Delahunt, Mme Greene, Ms. Torrance and Mrs Raposo - WALKERS will ALL head up the centre staircase and exit through the front door.  The BUSERS will head out their respective recess doors, up the pathway on the south end and to the busses.
Mrs. Keery, Ms. Palombi - WALKERS will head out the front doors. The BUSERS will head out the Kindergarten doors to the busses.
Mrs. Kellachan and Ms. Spano - WALKERS and BUSERS will head out the kindergarten doors
NOTE:  The parking lot will be closed down 8:30am - 9:00am and 3:15pm to 3:45pm.  We ask that you abide by these times for the children's safety.  Please do not enter the lot.
BUSERS - The bus will be parked near the EXIT by the brick refuse garage in the parking lot to accommodate the busers entering the schoolyard in the morning; and exiting up the pathway in the evening.
WALKERS - As the parking lot is closed, walkers enter/exit and cross at the designated pathway at the NORTHERN entrance in the morning and afternoon.
CARS - Any cars within the parking lot must stay until the lot opens again, or better yet, please park on the road in municipally posted designated areas.  We cannot have moving cars in the lot.  In the afternoon, please know you will be blocked in by the buses.
We want to keep the children safe and modelling is the best teacher! 
Thank you for your patience and continued support!  See you all tomorrow!!
Christine Toth