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SoloLunch....The SNOW....AND our Parking Lot!!
Published on Dec 12, 2017 14:13

Merry December!!
Just a few things of note:
1)  SoloLunch is open now and closes on the 21st at NOON. Sorry no late orders can be processed (please know that if it's open, that means 24 hours!)
2)  The SNOW has arrived and continues to fall today.....ensure the children are dressed so that they can enjoy the fresh white stuff!  Snowpants and boots are a must to go onto the field.  The older students tend to wear shoes...a short discussion to wear boots would truly help out!  An extra pair of mitts and socks stored in a side pocket of the knapsack would be beneficial.

3)  Just a reminder.....our parking lot is ONE WAY.  Enter during 'open times' from the north end and exit on the south.  As you already know, the parking lot is closed as stated on the signs posted at the entrance. A Good Rule of Thumb: it's closed @8:45am-9:15am, and we close early @3:15pm-ish until 3:45pm.  Please know it is to ensure the safety of our students, your children.  
Also, the road, although not under the schools mandate is still an area of concern.  PLEASE abide by the NO PARKING signs posted.  This is especially true as we get more snow, the piles get higher and our visibility of our littlest students becomes more difficult.  We have created a make shift walking path at the entrance and are awaiting approval for painting (looks like spring at the earliest now).  The 'cones' are there for 'walkers', and of course the use of sidewalks goes without saying.  PLEASE do not cross the parking lot, even if it is closed.  If you are parked and blocked by the buses, please stay in your parking spot until the buses have exited.  Thank you for your continued support!!

Drive safely everyone!!